Burn that Post-pregnancy weight on this Fitness Camp!


Join up for my husband’s Fitness camp this April to help burn off some of that baby weight and get fit. This camp is aimed at those who are actively playing sports and desire to learn how to improve their training. It may be that you have some post-pregnancy weight to burn off that you haven’t managed to shift over the last year, or even few years.

Date: 27th APRIL – 3rd MAY


Pete hosts this unique and high quality fitness training camp using his experience from 10 years of working with Elite-level athletes. If you are playing sport, especially a team sport, and are looking for ways of improving your training and conditioning to make you an all round better athlete, this week is for you.

Pete will be on hand all week to coach, guide, inspire and motivate individuals to take the next steps towards their personal goals and aspirations. All this is done is a warm, approachable, welcoming, friendly and supportive way, taking your personal goals and aspirations into account.

Enjoy some great running in the mountains, learning how to build your fitness and strength more efficiently through training, design your own training programme, swim and kayak on Lake Annecy and more to get the ultimate week’s workout during your stay.

Insights and training will include:

Discover the secrets of the best training for the best results. What to do, when, why and how. Your week will include;

  • Great workouts every day; fun, challenging, varied for every level of performance, every session personally coached by Pete
  • Eat healthy, natural, nutritious and tasty food; what works to support your training, racing and recovery
  • The best way to warm up, mobilise the body, cool down and stretch to stay injury free
  • How to optimise your recovery
  • Effective core conditioning, dispelling some of the myths of core work
  • Improve your speed and agility, giving you a competitive edge
  • How to plan your own, personalised training programme
  • Best ways of improving strength and power for optimised performance
  • Improve your anaerobic fitness
  • How to train the whole body with limited equipment, when you can’t access a gym
  • Come away with an understanding of speed, agility, strength, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, and recovery, and how they can be worked together to improve performance
  • Training in a stunning environment surrounded by beautiful scenery
  • Friendly coaching team lead by a top strength & conditioning coach with experience of working with team sports and individual athletes at the highest level

For more info please visit:

Get signed up and enjoy it!

Miri x


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